It is obvious, from the fact that I have created a blog, that I LOVE Randsburg, California! To say that the place got under my skin and put the hooks in would be an understatement. Offer me the option between going to, say, Cabo San Lucas or Randsburg, and every time I would choose Randsburg, hands down! Cabo, Paris, Europe, etc… these are great places for those who want a little bit of glitz and glamour, as well as the added service of being waited upon, but for me, the more laid back, casual atmosphere of Randsburg will always be preferable. Because of my love for the place, its history, and current living residents, I wrote a book, which is a combination history, travel guide and photographic memorial. Some of the historic characters from Randsburg’s past, like French Marguerite, the town madam, were a real challenge to research, but unmasking their true identities was a fantastic accomplishment, as well as a fun roller coaster ride. If you like a good mystery to read, while also looking for fun and interesting places to visit, buy a copy of my book and get a little bit of both 🙂

Official Book Description

A combination history, photographic journey and travel guide to the historic living ghost town of Randsburg, California, located in the Mojave Desert. See where Billy Bob Thornton made his supporting role debut, learn the real identity of Randsburg’s most famous red-light madam, and read about the woman vampire seeking new virgin blood! Read the stories of some of those buried in the Rand District cemetery, who, until now, have been forgotten to history. Learn all the details behind the murder of Emily Davidson, shot dead on Butte Avenue in broad daylight by her husband. Full of photographs, both color and black & white.
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