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The Smell of Gunsmoke

This gun was a gift to Wyatt Earp from the Citizens Committee of Nome, Alaska.

A gun that once belonged to Wyatt Earp sold for $35,000 at an auction held by the city of Harrisburg, Pa., in July. The label on the gun’s grip reads: “To Wyatt Earp, Welcome From the Citizens Committee of Nome.”

Wyatt moved to Nome, Alaska, in 1897 at the height of a gold rush. While there, he co-owned the very profitable Dexter Saloon, which some say housed a brothel upstairs. When he left Alaska for good in 1901, he had made $80,000, a staggering sum of money at the time.

The auction house had expected the gun to sell for around $1,600. I looked through the various history books on my shelf but could not find any mention of it, which made me wonder just how valuable it was to Wyatt.

Then I found a photo online of the note written when the gun changed hands in 1993, which raises…

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